Essay on The Sports Drink Market Within New Zealand

1217 Words Oct 10th, 2014 5 Pages
This report analyses the sports drink market within New Zealand and discusses a marketing plan for Nike to enter this market with a convenient pill form of a sports drink, the Catalyst. Various recommendations are included with this report, such as a SWOT analysis and an overview of the competitive environment. The best marketing strategies for Nike are then explained, specifically in regards to segmentation, target-ing and positioning of the Catalyst. Following this, a breakdown of the marketing mix and specifics are explained. Finally, a marketing budget and timeline are presented.

The Catalyst will be created as a sports supplement in effervescent tablet form, pro-moting muscle recovery and supporting the immune system. Not only will it offer the convenience of a tablet to supplement one’s diet while on the go, but it will also inte-grate with the current Nike ecosystem. The Catalyst is a unique product due to its ability to sync with the Nike+ mobile application. This application will be able to rec-ommend exactly what ratio of tablet to water is required, based on the consumers’ sex, height, weight and type and duration of exercise they are completing.

Nike is a global leader within the sportswear industry and is well known for their pro-motion of the idea that everyone can be an athlete and that consumers need to “just do it”. The Catalyst will be successful in assisting Nike in expanding into a new mar-ket, whilst providing them with a competitive advantage by…

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