Essay on The Sports Culture Of Horse Racing

1151 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Although the articles, periodicals, and congressional hearings about the sports culture of horse racing feature opposing strands of greed and reveal the binary just/unjust, the more interesting ideas come from the differences in tone of voice, which show a pattern of irony in economic views of racing and frustration in social aspects of abuse. For example, the issues are significant to evaluate because some sources argue neglect or ill-treatment while others are following the rules; however, positive tests for illegal drugs in horses remains an ongoing wager. Additionally, as horses play a significant role in American culture today, tension gives rise to various power struggles, ethical dilemmas, and multiple controversies involving social and political agendas, which complicates regulations on the rules of racing. Even though Sheila Lyons, DVM testifies, " 'Racehorse is not a diagnosis..." (Kane, Lyons and Gagliano 39), before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Interstate Horse Racing Act, Dr. Lyon believes proper record keeping should take place at the tracks. While The New York Times suggests, "…the fatality rate for horses reaches more than four times the national average as heedless owners put unproven horses at risk for lucrative purses" (The Editorial Board A18), as the more striking comparison of defending or accusing reveals popular sentiments against cheaters. Which possibly argues trainers still seem to find a way to get horses feeling well enough to run;…

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