The Sport Position Of A Baseball Pitcher Essay

1985 Words Nov 18th, 2016 8 Pages
For my microcycle project I was given the sport position of a baseball pitcher. Baseball pitching is an extremely explosive and sometimes an unnatural movement. The main parts of being a good pitcher is to have velocity, position, and movement. In order for there to be a successful pitch, Chris Blake of the New England Musculoskeletal Institute at the UConn Health Center says that there are 6 phases the body must go through. Phase 1 is the wind-up. This is where your knee comes up and stores potential energy. Phase 2 is the stride. This is where you reach the foot forward and make contact with the ground to change the potential energy into mechanical energy. Phase 3 is the cocking of the arm to reach maximum external rotation of the shoulder. This is done to reach maximum power and the foot that was planted in phase 2 begins action of the kinetic chain. Phase 4 is the arm acceleration. This connects the whole chain from foot plant, to trunk rotation, to shoulder rotation, to elbow translation, and finally to wrist translation. Phase 5 is the arm deceleration. This is where the pitching muscles begin to relax. The last phase is the follow through to ensure that the ball is thrown accurately. Since baseball pitchers will usually do the same motion over and over, The American Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that they need to build up muscle stamina to make sure they avoid injury during a game or practice. Some of the major muscles that need this stamina are the rotator cuff…

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