The Sport Of Soccer Team Essay

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The sport of soccer is actually one of the world’s most popular sports, especially in other countries around the world it is more likely to be called football. Soccer at its highest level is known to be beautiful and is nearly an art form in some countries. Great teams work the ball with some exceptionally skilled players building flow while working the soccer ball up the field in an attempt to strategically score. Individually, what makes a great soccer player is their understanding and commitment to the game, one’s quick decision making and speed of play, along with a positive attitude and typically some sort of technical skill. On one fall Thursday afternoon I visited University Park to observe Dave Lombardo, the head coach of the women’s soccer team here at James Madison. This year is Lombardo’s 27th year coaching the women’s soccer team; he has been the first and only head coach. Just recently in this past September, he got his 400th win here at JMU against Virginia Commonwealth University. Also while coaching here, Lombardo has led the team to the NCAA tournament eleven times. He has two assistant coaches, Scott Gerseny and Stacey Matthiessen who is the goalkeeping coach. Their overall practice layout consisted of a dynamic warm-up led by the captains, some technical work and drills for passing and footwork, tactical drills which was divided up into offense verse defense, followed by a full field 11 vs. 11 scrimmage, and lastly finished practice with a finishing…

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