Essay on The Splendor Falls By Christina Rossetti

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In both poems, The Splendor Falls, written by Lord Tennyson, and Echo, written by Christina Rossetti, the authors develop their plot by using similar literary devices. Both Tennyson and Rossetti lived during the Victorian era in the 1800’s. They follow the conventional writing style which is strongly influenced by rhyme and romantic imagery. Both authors set different tones to influence the way the reader conveys the poem. In The Splendor Falls, the tone is more hopeful and in Echo, the tone is dreary and bittersweet. In the two poems different literary elements such as; rhyme, repetition, imagery, allusion and personification are used. The authors echo each other in multiple ways such as; their style of writing, usage of literary devices, and theme of death.

After reading the poem, The Splendor Falls, I felt as though I understood all of the author 's feelings and thoughts. The poem focuses the readers thoughts on natures beauty, as well as his thoughts on loss and death. The author says, “Our echoes roll from soul to soul/ and grow for ever and ever.”(15-16)This means that even when someone dies their actions are always remembered. I can relate to this idea because I believe that the most important attribute to a person is the memories they leave behind for others. These memories can have a great effect on others lives and contribute to the way others act in the future. The author states, “And thinner, clearer, farther going!”(8) In this line it seems as though the…

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