The Spiritual Laws Of Money Essay

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I 've never bought into the belief that you can 't be spiritual and rich at the same time. A lot of people I know feel that it 's their obligation to be poor because they are so spiritual. They feel like money will corrupt them and turn them into a greedy and unethical person. I feel like making money doesn 't turn into someone like that - you either are someone like that or you are not before money even comes into the equation. That was a thought reverberated in the Spiritual Laws of Money course that I took. If you are greedy and unethical, then you will still be greedy and unethical when you get money. But if you are a kind, loving, and giving person, then money will only multiply your ability to be kind, loving, and giving.

Spiritual and Rich

Where Do We Get The Idea That Being Rich and Spiritual Don 't Go Together?

A lot of it has to do with TV. I have seen many more shows where rich people are evil and poverty is twisted to look spiritual. The more we see those images of rich and evil and poor and spiritual, the more we believe them. But, that 's just really bad TV based on a few people 's beliefs, not fact.

And of course there are certain religious beliefs that confuse people about whether or not being rich is a good or bad thing.

God does not necessarily want His people to be rich, but He wants them to prosper in spiritual and physical health and in wellbeing.

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Many people have struggled and struggled with…

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