The Spiritual Goals Of Siddhartha Gautama Essay

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Siddhartha Gautama, who originally grew up in a Hindu family, took an interest in finding the cause of all suffering and propagated a new religion known today as Buddhism. This religion is most practiced in China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Buddhists celebrate four main holidays and partake in many teachings and rituals that help one become self-aware of their own actions and behaviors. Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha and began to search the world for an end to all suffering. The Buddha, also referred to as the Enlightened One, took no interest in worshiping a God, the nature of the world, or an afterlife, but instead focused on the four noble truths and creating a life that leads to the Eightfold Path. The ultimate goal in Buddhism is enlightenment, which involves the extinguishing of all suffering, and to achieve nirvana by ending all factors that lead one to suffer. In Buddha’s early years, he took interest in finding the end to all suffering and went on a quest for six years. He decided to do this after witnessing a monk do the same. During this time of searching and realization, Buddha wore rags and ate as little as one grain of rice each day. He slept with rotting corpses, trying to find the reason to all suffering. After long years of searching, he finally decided to take on his own path. Buddha chose to sit under a Bodhi tree and meditated until he found enlightenment. While doing this, he got visited by a demon named Mara, who tempted him three times. By…

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