The Spirit Of The Holy Spirit Essay

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The Person of the Holy Spirit is entrenched inside of the whole extent of Scripture. He is initially specified in Genesis 1:2 and shows up oftentimes all through the Old Testament. He is no less unmistakable in the New Testament, yet there is maybe not any more essential photo of the degree of His temperament and work than the one communicated in the Gospel of John.
This paper will analyze both the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit as it is expounded in John’s Gospel. This paper will appear how the Person of the Holy Spirit ought to be comprehended and all the more critically, how His work influences followers of Jesus Christ living in the twenty-first century.
The primary reference to the Person of the Holy Spirit in John 's Gospel is found in 1:32, where the Gospel records the affirmation of John the Baptist that the Spirit descended on Jesus as a dove from heaven, a record which blends with the Synoptic accounts, which all record a comparative testimony. John 's Gospel starts with a mention to the Old Testament book of Genesis and its opening section with his utilization of the expression, "in the beginning." John proceeds with that parallel with the affirmation of the Spirit at Jesus ' immersion. In Genesis 1:2, the Spirit of God is said to be "hovering over the face of the waters” and in John 1 the Spirit, as a dove, "remains" over Jesus in a way that could unquestionably amplify the symbolism of Genesis 1 into John 1:3.
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