The Spirit catches You Essay example

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The two cultures
1. Do you think the author was evenhanded in her presentation of Hmong culture and medical culture? I absolutely believe that the author was evenhanded in her presentation of the two cultures. Throughout the book it was clear that she tried to look at everything from as many perspectives as possible to accurately portray the Hmong culture and medical culture.
3. Over the centuries, the Hmong fought against many different peoples who claimed sovereignty over their lands. What role has this tumultuous history played in the formation of Hmong culture? The history of the Hmong people is one of the more predominant factors in the formation of the Hmong culture. Through all the fighting and migrating that the Hmong had to
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For example, it is perceived that American doctors prioritize things such as their personal welfare, monetary wealth, medicine and family over other things. The Hmong on the other hand prioritize their children and family first and foremost overall. Then comes their extended family, culture, and community. These distinctions are one of the primary reasons for the friction between the two cultures.

7. In matters of attitude, what might the average American doctor learn from a Hmong txiv neeb (shaman)? What might the txiv neeblearn from the doctor? The average American doctor, as documented not only by Fadiman, but also by numerous other sources – such as any material concerning narrative medicine – could learn to appreciate the pros of the Hmong cultural and shaman practices. For example, as is a theme in both narrative medicine and how the shamans approach healing, the idea of incorporating a sense of a stronger connection between the patient and healer: spending more time with patients, adding a spiritual dimension to their treatment, and being open to the culture in general. On the other side of things, the txiv neeb shaman could also undoubtedly benefit some of the American doctor practices. The objectivity of evidence based diagnostic medicine and the physical medicines available to American doctors are part of what makes the western healthcare successful in certain regards.

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