The Spider's Theory: The Theory Of The Spider Web Theory

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Register to read the introduction… Jack experiences this negative ripple effect as well when he reveals to Judge Irwin that he knows his secret. Judge Irwin then kills himself prompting a series of ripples. “A bright, beautiful, silvery soprano scream…I went toward her. She dropped the telephone to the floor with a clatter, and pointed her finger at me and cried out, ‘You did it, you did, you killed him…‘Your father, your father and oh! you, killed him’”(p. 348-49). Because Jack found dirt on Judge Irwin, Irwin killed himself, which caused sorrow for Jack and Jack’s mother because we discover that Judge Irwin was the true love of Jack’s mother, and surprisingly Jack’s real father. Another essential example of when knowledge creating sorrow is when Adam finds out that his sister is having an affair with Willie Stark. When Adam finds out this piece of information, he is driven with anger and decides to eliminate the man defiling his sister. “‘I rushed toward Adam as he fell…he was already dead…I didn’t see the Boss. And I thought: He didn’t hit him. But I was wrong’”(p.396). Prompted by this one piece of information, two people are dead. After this point there is a notable difference in Jack’s attitude towards revealing information to …show more content…
‘Yes,’ I said. ‘I swear to God it is.’…I had lied to her. Well, I had given that lie to her as a going-away present”(p.431-32). Jack grasped the concept that sometimes things should be kept to yourself. “All change costs something”(p.393). Revealing information that causes a change will cost someone, somewhere. Jack Burden finally comprehends this concept and becomes more cautious in spilling his knowledge about others. Overall, Jack understands that knowledge affords great power, but that it certainly can induce great sorrow. This eventually convinces him that some things are better left unsaid. Jack watches endless people suffer because of knowledge that was dumped on them and it helps him to realize that you must have some thought and restraint in what you say to people. In life, there are instances when knowledge is thrust upon a person and that person will be able to speculate the impact that knowledge will have on other people. Even though some may feel entitled and obligated to share information with others, one must assess the overall situation and practice restraint if the negative effects greatly outweigh the positive. Knowledge is a tricky thing, and one must learn its power because otherwise the spider web will constantly be moving with negative ripples leaving a web of

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