The Spheres Of The Earth Essay

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Introduction In this essay we are looking at the four spheres of the earth in relation to population and everyday life of two chosen countries. The two countries chosen will be Niger and Slovakia which have very different sphere characteristic. Hydrosphere ,biosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere are the main focus of comparison. The main differences relate to humidity, temperature, and soil fertility. The issues presented in each country, which is affecting the population and quality of life, can be linked back to atmosphere and the amount of water in the water cycles. In this paper we will explore health of each sphere and how they can affect the other spheres. Slovakia has a much better geographic location for its population and has variation in land features and an abundance of water sources. Niger is dominated by desert and the increase in droughts has been a huge setback for sustainability. The beginning of the success and fail of these countries starts with the atmosphere. Niger, Africa is located in Western Africa just below the tropic of cancer. It is bordering with Nigeria, Chad, Libya, algeria, and Mali. Niger, being in the Bwh category, is one of the hottest countries in the world and is known for its dry climate. Global warming changed the atmosphere of Niger causing many issues especially because of the extreme hot temperatures that already existed. There are two main regions, Saharan desert and the Sahel, the Sahara dominates most of the country. The…

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