The Speech On Banning Gun Control Essay

1017 Words Oct 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Two of the most controversial topics in our country are equal rights for people in the lgbtq+community and gun control. There are many disagreements on both and wether or not banning guns will decrease the amount of mass shootings and what rights, if any should be “given” to people of the lgbtq+ community. Both of these topics sparked yet another heated debate when president Barack Obama gave a touching speech on the tragic shooting that happened at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The most important claims that Barack Obama makes in this speech are that in the face of such a horrible event, are that no matter your personal beliefs, people need to love and respect all of those around us, no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion race, or ethnicity, and also that tragedies such as this could be prevented or lessened if we had stricter gun control. He throughly makes these claims by deeply embedding pathos throughout his speech. {resident Obama takes the audience through many various emotions during his speech.
Obama starts off by bringing the audience together, in grievance of the murder of the victims of the shooting. His first use of pathos in his speech, is by immediately calling the shooting an act of terrorism and hate against all Americans. He also states that the FBI is leading the investigation, which brings to attention how serious this tragic event was. He reminds the audience that the people who did this were filled with hatred. He then goes…

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