Essay about The Speech On Adolescent Development

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Adolescent Development
For the past few months, I have had the privilege to work with a program called Arts without Boundaries (AWB); where the kids get free music lessons and the college students get free teaching experience. I learned a lot about myself, teaching, and about adolescent development and learning.
When fifth and sixth graders first choose an instrument to play for band or orchestra, there are many different factors. Some factors that influence the decision include: if any family members played an instrument, what instrument their friends have decided on playing, and what instrument they think is really cool. I made the decision to play the saxophone in the fifth grade and that is now my major in college. That decision was obviously fairly profound in shaping what my life has become today. I was able to teach two young girls through the AWB organization who had also made the choice to begin playing the saxophone. These girls have begun to explore who they are and what they like through this decision. They may not be aware of it, but their peers might be judging them or recognizing them because they choose to play this specific instrument. One of the girls that I taught, aside from saxophone lessons, is also in a youth choir and takes piano lessons. She knows more about herself through these various musical explorations than majority of the rest of the kids her age. My students were also able to build up a sense of self-esteem while playing…

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