The Speech : A More Perfect Union Essay

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The speech “A More Perfect Union” is about how Obama says we should do unto others as we would want unto us. The speech explains that he finds the world to be against each other in way, because we all do not work together. He explains that if one person was to pull the race card, then it would be hard for us to change anything. I agree with Barack Obama’s, because he uses logos, pathos, and kairos to get all of his best points a crossed. How he uses kairos
He uses kairos in his paper quite often, mostly to reference why he became the president at the time he did. He says he became president at the time he did because he did not think we could solve the challenges within the world, unless we came together, and solved them as one (Obama, 2016). I agree with the statement, because he has helped people who need the healthcare get it, and those who already have healthcare, he made sure they had a descent coverage. He made sure that we were all on some level equally taken care of. He made sure that all of the blacks, Hispanics, and whites who were always sitting in the hospital were taken care of by others no matter the cost.
He explains that it is time that we as people start to talk, and take notice in the people who are fighting under our flag for our freedom, and we need to take charge and give them what they need, and have earned (Obama, 2016). There are so many veterans out there in the world today who have been injured in the war, and no one will take their time to go.…

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