Essay on The Spectrum Of Reformers And Their Approaches

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1. Discuss the spectrum of reformers and their approaches.
There exists a spectrum of reformers with a broad diversity of orientations from secularists (excludes religion from public life that ought to solely reside in one’s private life avoiding any mixing with politics), conservatives and traditionalists (largely part of the ulma and their followers depdens on strictly on following and imitating (taqlid) past tradition plus sees no vital change is of obligation nor new answers to be made for the sake of classical Islam as its already comprehensive enough but willing to compromise in areas not covered by traditional Islamic law), Islamic activists (religious and political reformers advocating return to an ideological Islam to Sharia itself challenging other establishments viewed as inappropriate or uncontemporary compared to their perception like endeavoring to reform in human rights as well as position of women), and Islamic modernist reformers. Islamic modernist reformers are the most adaptable group that has built on top of Muhammad Abduh’s legacy in addition to the Islamic modernism of Muhammad Iqbal in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as their normative ideal; however, they include a more globalized postmodern world of altering the meaning for modernity. Reform-minded Muslim will also possess advanced degrees at major universities ranging from academics, lawyers, journalists, physicians, and religious scholars leading them to properly challenge…

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