The Species Of Birds With Temperature And Seven Species Arriving During Warmer Years

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eight species are significantly correlated with temperature and seven species arriving earlier during warmer years. (Elizabeth R.E
Scientists at Fargo, ND have studied 83 species of birds for their arrival time over ten years. The study concluded that the majority of arriving earlier than they did historically. The uniqueness of this study is that they measured FAD (First arrival dates) and AGDU (Accumulated growing degree units). The accumulated growing degree units for a time of arrival deviated from past values as much as 4-5% higher or lower depending on the species. As a whole, short distance migrants have advanced arrival times and reduced AGDU as compare to long distance migration birds (Travers, S et al. 2015)
Authors studied first arrival dates of 93 species of migrants in Buffalo Ornithological Society database which was studied from 1967 to 2008. First arrival dates for short range migrants had the mean difference of 0.15 days per year as compared to long range migrants whose advance averaged 0.06 days per year. Arrival dates were regressed against temperature and North American Oscillation Index (Deleon, R
First arrival dates of six coastal species of birds were studied at Mustang, Texas, the USA for 27 years. First arrival date, last date of departure and duration of stay parameters were quantified for three winters and three summers. Author results indicated that three winter residents had late arrival dates, earlier departure and decreased the…

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