Essay about The Special Documentary ' Trophy Kids '

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Children have always relied on their parents for guidance and support, expecting their parents to do what is best for the kids. The HBO special documentary “Trophy Kids” follows five children that are training in a sport forced on them by their parents, focusing on how the guidance and discipline from their parents impacts the children physically and psychologically. Many of the children in this movie were forced to play their chosen sport because of the parent’s massive financial, emotional, and time commitment. The parents are often furious when the child does not play to their expectations, they take it personally when the child shows emotion or does not preform at an elite level. This movie displays many social and ethical issues such as; parents placing their child in a sport without their input, parents placing extreme stress on their kids to do well, and not allowing their child to make decisions for themselves to continue the sport when burnout occurs. Secondly, my personal opinion is that a parent should support their child without being over bearing, and parents should be graceful and assisting in their child’s athletic endeavors, even when they want to stop a sport, and parents shouldn’t get angry when the child is not preforming to their standards. Lastly, to solve this problem, parents should allow children to pick the sport that they want to play, be supportive and motivating, without being over bearing, and parents should respect their child if…

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