The Spanish American War Was A War Of Expansion And A Fight For Cuban Independence

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The Spanish-American War was a war of expansion and a fight for Cuban independence. United States reasoning for belonging in the War of 1898 was composed of many factors. These factors retain to Cuba’s civil war and the Cuban rebels. Another key factor was “Yellow Journalism” which provided several one sided views on the Spanish inside Cuba. Also the mysterious sinking of the American Battleship USS Maine. These factors had a huge influence that pushed the United States to become involved in the Spanish-American war. The Spanish government ruled over Cuba and other countries that prolonged in the Americas. In the late 19th century Many Cubans became distraught with the Spanish ruling. It was corrupt and denied any privilege to the Cuban population. The Cubans which have already fought against the Spanish in the “Ten Year War” were fed up with the corrupt government and proceeded into another civil war. The rebels sought for help by writing letters to the US. One incident occurred, “The Olivette Incident” which was an American ship about to leave Havana Harbor, was boarded by Spanish police who searched three young Cuban women, one who was suspected of carrying messages from Cuban rebels. This incident drawn by Hearst who caused an outrage through the US. The American population demanded an intervention to be made. The Cuban civil war allowed “yellow journalism” to run amuck in the US. Yellow Journalism is mainly based upon sensational and crude exaggeration. Writers…

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