The Space Of The Outer Space Essay

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First of all, I enjoyed this course with Professor Kass and my classmates.

Adam: You used a sentence of “The true worth of Airpower in understanding geopolitics seems to come from how airpower makes geography more accessible” about air power, which is correct, and I agree with you. For the outer space, your outcome and principle idea is “While outer space may be a new geostrategic concern for developed states, the financial cost of its use will make it an impossibility for weaker states. This doesn’t necessarily mean that weaker states do not see the value in outer space, but it is however, likely to lead to different implications”, which is possible true. The outer space scientific works trigger the developed states much more than the less powerful states because these kinds of works need funding.

Kerensa: You said “The United States has, historically and presently, emphasized domination in airpower.” I agree with you, but Russia has a powerful air power, too. Some day may be a dooms day if Russia raid on the allied countries. So, the US must try to be the most powerful force as an air power in the world. As for your outcome, which is “Seems to me that combat “advancements” in space, where, no doubt, our adversaries would soon follow suit, would bring us ever closer to MAD, especially since satellites can be hacked,” I cannot agree with you because the outer space issues would not cause any conflicts between states as seen some developed states have been working on the…

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