Essay about The Space Of The Dome

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It was a foggy day. Glued to my car window, I peered outside to witness rows and rows of blinking headlights. The drive was long. Just as I was getting tired of the monotonous traffic, I saw it. The sight that changed my life. A dome so big that I felt like it was mocking the skyscrapers nearby. With wide eyes, I fervently asked my dad what it was. He said it was called NASA and engineers worked there to see space. That’s when my little mind, that fantasized that the next trip to the playground was the world, opened to the mysterious place called Space. Since then I dreamed of stepping into the dome on a mission to reach the stars.
I took this aspiration seriously and indulged in about any activity or class that might prepare me for the future in the dome. I took all the science classes offered, raced through math classes, and continued to learn updates of NASA’s next “big thing.” Just around that time, my mom started teaching. Her daily discussions of her students at dinnertime made me love that prospective as well. Was there a way to mix my passion for space and engineering with a fulfilling vocation like teaching? I started on the teaching path with work in an Indian foreign language school, Manabadi. I was part of the first graduating class of that school, so the administration felt I was apt for the job. My experience was amazing! The students reciprocated with as much energy as I did. The learning environment was interactive; while I taught them moral stories from the…

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