Essay on The Space Of Space Technology

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Only little less than sixty years ago on October 4th 1957 a technology was born that changed human history forever, and ushered in a radically new vision of the planet we live on. For twenty-one days artificial earth made satellite Sputnik 1 broadcast radio signals beeping every two seconds and was visible streaking across the night sky every 96 minutes. The impact of this alone has driven technological revolutions in computing, communications, transportation, weather forecasting, and trade none of which would have been possible without the space race that Sputnik triggered. Globalization would not exist to the same extent without the efforts of hundreds of thousands of engineers, and technicians working on space technologies inside what is essentially a publicly funded effort through NASA (“Globalization of Science”, 2010), and countless other organizations worldwide. Space technology is a critical and little studied strategic component of Globalization without which Globalization today would not exist.

Everything we take for granted under the umbrella term Globalization became possible because of the space race. Photos of the entire earth are inspiring every new generation of children to see ourselves differently in context of where we live in the universe (Earth Images, n.d.). Humanities greatest achievements are passing overhead every moment of every day in the form of communications satellites, space telescopes, weather satellites, the International space station, and…

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