The Space Of Space Exploration Essay

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A little over a half century ago, America began space exploration. In 1968, man orbited the moon for the very first time. In 1969, we landed a man on the moon and returned him to Earth. However, during this time, our astronauts were only white men. Women were not astronauts and were not allowed to go into space. Nevertheless, they still played roles in space exploration, although these roles were “supporting” ones. They were computerisess, secretaries, and wives. It took over two decades and the women’s movement to send women directly into space and several generations for the first women pilot astronaut. The history of women in the space program begins with a Russian satellite, Sputnik. The Soviet Union was more for advanced with their space exploration, nuclear weaponry, and technology and the U.S. was trying to catch up to them.

Women were considered for inclusion in the astronaut program for different reasons. As stated in the documentary, putting anything into space requires fuel. Anywhere you can cut weight is helpful, and women tend to weigh less than men and use less oxygen. From weight savings, it made a lot of sense. Additional fuel is needed to achieve lift which means more fuel would be required to send men into space since they weigh more. Women were a “logical choice” when it came to rocket science. Before they could decide whether a man or woman could be sent into space, however, they first had to decide who exactly would make a qualified…

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