The Space Of Space Exploration Essay

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Space: is something that has always fascinated humanity, from astronomers in ancient Greece to trillion dollar corporations today. Humanity has made incredible advancements in the space program since its conception. From putting men on the moon to having a space station the size of a football field which regularly houses astronauts from all around the world. Now there is talk of in the future having people living on Mars. Space exploration has been rapidly growing ever since it was started in 1957 when the Soviets and United States created their own missile programs (A Brief History of Space Exploration, n.d). Russia started the space race when they launched the first satellite ever into space, Sputnik. The technological advancements that Sputnik 1 made was to be able to transmit data and fly at such a low orbit. Sputnik paved the way for many new techniques that are common today such as meteor detection and radio transmissions (Sputnik 1, n.d). Sputnik not only spurred space technologies, it also directly caused the United States to further its space program. One of the United States advancements in Space was Explorer, which was the first United States’ satellite, was created in direct response to the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellites. All of the United States’ counter actions to Russia led to NASA being founded (Garber, 2007). In 1970 Russia also launched another advancement of space exploration, the Almaz space station. Almaz was Russia’s first functional space…

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