Essay about The Space Of Space Exploration

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“There are two ways that technology is developed to benefit humanity: one is by war and the other is by space exploration (Coles 2016).” Since 1969, the United States has sent many astronauts and scientists into outer space. Almost half a century of exploration has helped in creating the abilities in medical and technology that are possessed today. Without the exploration of areas beyond our atmosphere, humanity would not have the luxuries and safe guards that it has today. Space exploration plays a key role in the functioning and well-being of society; therefore, private entities who are not associated with the government should not be allowed to have operations that take place beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
With any group project, rules and guidelines have to be understood by all members of the group in order to accomplish a greater task at hand. This same logic is applied in space and is known as the Outer Space Treaty. This treaty allows for space exploration by any and all who seek the adventure and calling to the unknown. Signed by all countries that permit space exploration, this treaty sets the boundaries for behavior and responsibility in space. According to the Wisconsin International Law Journal (WILJ), “Article II of the Outer Space Treaty prohibits national appropriation by claims of sovereignty, use, occupation, or other means in outer space any celestial bodies.” This means that in outer space no country is superior or has more rights to any section than another…

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