The Soviet War : The Cold War Essay

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Tensions skyrocketed after World War II as two Superpowers, the USA and USSR, no longer had a common enemy. The following period, known as the Cold War, spanned between the Yalta Conference in February 1945 to the end of Communism in December 1991. Despite the fact that no direct clashes occurred, both superpowers faced off ideologically in indirect skirmishes around the globe. On the American side, the country instituted a new policy regarding foreign affairs which found themselves in numerous third world conflicts that aggravated the American populace; all this was in addition to their intense race to be more prepared than the USSR for a war. When Specialist Robert Leroy Bailey enlisted in the US Army in 1965, he experienced the United States efforts to juggle the growing unrest back home, military operations in third world countries, and possible war with the USSR.
During the 60’s, the United States citizens revolted against their countries establishments in particular the draft and the foreign involvement. “There was a lot of student rallies against the military even when I was going to the UofA. You could see it was getting worse and worse,” explained Bailey referring to disillusionment emerging in the 1960’s period. Students protested the military presence in Vietnam alongside their anger towards the draft. It gathered momentum on the college campuses and in labor unions, government institutions, and middle-class sub-burbs. Their issue was not solely with the…

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