Essay on The Soviet Union Of The 1950 ' S

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The 1950’s was the start of a changing point for the United States. We were still recovering from the second World War and many things had changed for the United States, things like relations with the Soviet Union. Not only that but things within the United States were changing very rapidly also. The 1950’s was seen as a high point in the United States history, just like the 1920’s were. Many things happen within the 50’s. One of the most famous events from the 1950’s started in the year 1950, the Korean War, it lasted from 1950 to 1953. The United States became involved with this war due to their policy of Communism Containment. This policy really came about when the American-Soviet relations became uneasy, and they worried about the spread of communism throughout Europe, but also the rest of the world too. The Korean War just happened to be the first major conflict that the United States had to deal with due to their containment policy. The Korean Peninsula was split into two parts, with the Soviets helping the government in the North and the United States helping the government in the South. But these two had been split since after World War II when the Soviets invaded Korea which had recently been under the government control of Japan. The United States feared that the Soviets wanted to take control of the entire peninsula so they stepped in and placed troops in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. The Soviets and the United States decided to divide Korea in…

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