Essay The Soviet Union Lost The Cold War

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Lost but not loser: The assessment of the claim that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War


With the disintegration of Soviet Union, the Cold War era, which lasted as long as 40 years, had come to an end. The last Soviet Premier Gorbachev, ironically, been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after his failed reformation and governance in Soviet Union, which, to put it the other way round, could been seen as affirmation for his struggle to pave the way for nuclear agreement and open the seriously bureaucratic Soviet Union to the world.
It could be easy to conclude from the phenomenon that Soviet Union lost the Cold War, as Brzezinski alleged in 1990, “the end of the Cold War would make two winners: the United States and Germany, and two losers: the Soviet Union and France.”(Brzezinski,1990) However, there still remains several debates closely related to the claim: What caused the Cold War?What the end of the Cold War bring about? Therefore, could we simply interpret Soviet Union as a loser? The discussions to these questions would, to a large extent, help us to interpret the Cold War clearly.
This article thus focus on the argumentation of the term ‘Soviet Union lost the Cold War’ in a critical way through the insight into the nature as well as the influence of it.

The Nature and Causes of the Cold War

The debate of nature and causes of the Cold War, explicitly or implicitly, leads to different understanding to the consequence.
We could find a number of approaches…

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