The Soviet Union During The Cold War Essay example

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During the Cold War, which took place from 1950 until the1990s, there were two main Super Powers the Soviet Union and the United States. This paper will discuss Cuba, one of the many Client States, and its relationship with the Soviet Union. Cuba’s relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War ultimately helped Fidel Castro become the Head of State in Cuba. After Cuba became a communist country their relationship with the Soviet Union was mutually beneficial because they were able to access goods together they would not have been able to obtain on their own. In fact, both became more powerful as a result of their relationship through exchanging goods and strategically helping to position one another. Although Cuba and the Soviet Union were helpful to each other, nothing else resulted besides trading goods and gaining support. None the less, this was the closest that the world ever got to a Hot War, however it luckily remained a Cold War.
Cuba had always wanted to become a free nation and be able to rule themselves, they were never able to because ever since the island was discovered they have been ruled by imperialistic governments. First it was the spanish, the original discoverers of Cuba, they ruled over Cuba for most of the 19th century, until the spanish­american war which the americans won and took spanish ruled colonies and turned them into territories. Once again cuba had to follow someone else 's law and government. Although cuba was eventually…

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