Essay on The Soviet Union And America

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From Asia to the United States the Space Race had a lot of impact on everybody. There was the militarization of space to fight for the dominance of space between the Soviet Union and America. To the empowerment of minorities and women who aided the Space Race. There was also impacting social and economic aspects of the Space Race that impacted the American people. From the early presidency of President Truman to Presidents Nixon/Ford, the Space Race had an enormous impact on everybody.
While most people think of the first Space Race as a fight for dominance for America and the Soviet Union, they don’t often think of China. Today China has some presence in space, but not particularly in the 1950s. Because of communist politics, China was at a sort of constraint to participating in the early Space Race. To put this into more perspective, China’s first satellite launch wasn’t until 1970. There was not much that impacted the American people from this, seeing it could have gone entirely different if Soviet Russia and China were to cooperate in the early Space Race.
Again, putting into perspective in the 1950s, people don’t think of Canada being a relatively dominant power in the Space Race. Although Canadian scientists were the first to study the meteorological and magnetic phenomena of auroras in northern Canada in the 1880s. The research continued especially when Canada joined the Cold War Space Race.
America truly benefited from Canada when they joined NATO. This was when…

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