The Soviet Revolution Of Russia Essay

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In 1917, Russia went through the most drastic political change in the country’s history. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, over threw Czar Nicholas II, whose family had been in control of Russia for over 300 years. After the Bolsheviks took power, Vladimir Lenin began to rebuild Russia. His focus was primarily in the political and economic spheres of Russian Life. Lenin did not place much of an importance on the cultural sphere of Russian life. This led to a period of tolerance in which artists, musicians, and composers enjoyed much freedom. Following Lenin’s death in 1924, Josef Stalin took power in Russia. Under Stalin, this period of Tolerance was ended and drastic changes came to the cultural sphere of Russian life, as freedom ceased and propaganda became prevalent. Before the Revolution, Russia was ruled under a Monarchy for over 300 years. The “King” of Russia was referred to as the Czar, and the Romanov’s were Russia 's “Royal Family”. The Romanov’s were in control of Russia from 1619 starting with Michael I, and held onto power until the Revolution in 1917 when Nicholas II was over thrown. The Romanov’s for most of their reign were an absolute monarchy, and an Autocracy. This meant that not only did the Czar have power over everything, but they owned everything. Much of Russia’s Revolutionary begging can be traced back to the fact that they never wanted to modernize. This was because the Romanov’s believed that if they decided to modernize economically that it…

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