The Soviet And Post Invasion Of Russia Essay

700 Words Sep 27th, 2015 3 Pages
When Germany launched their invasion of Russia in 1941, it shocked the world. Until the invasion, Russia and Germany has been allies under the Non-Aggression Act, even splitting territory in Poland and Scandinavia during the start of the Second World War and the USSR supplied Germany with needed raw materials for the war effort. The invasion almost immediately brought the previously despised USSR to the side of the allies. America would extend their Lend-Lease program to the USSR. Despite America’s official neutrality, it provided support to the Allies and the ideologically antagonistic USSR was on the same side as the Americans. A shift in the American perspective was needed to accept the new status quo. By analyzing at newspaper articles, news reels, official publications by the American government I make a judgment if a media campaign was launched to attempt to change American opinions on the USSR. A disconnect should be found between pre-invasion reporting on the USSR and post-invasion depictions of the USSR. I will limit the bulk of my research to June 22, 1941 to December 7, 1941, stopping when America joined the war officially on the Allied side. I will look at some American media from the launch of the invasion of Poland and the Winter War to judge whether the shift in media depictions was significant. Using these articles, it should be possible to trace the source of the shift in reporting on Russia. If this was a movement that started from above or whether there…

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