Soveraigne's Struggle To Gain Peace

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The life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. This outcome is not what man wants out of life. He wants power and the ability to achieve his appetites and avoid his aversions. This holds true for the man next to him as well and there is no guarantee that man will not kill one another in the natural state of things in order to follow his appetites and aversions. This is why government was created. Man chose to create government to ensure self-protection; he gave up his power and rights to a Soveraigne to keep from dying by the hands of another man.
The fear of death is the foundation for man’s creation of government. In a natural state of nature there is nothing to stop one man from killing another and man does not know when or if this will occur; the probability of it happening is high. To ensure
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The Soveraigne is how man achieves peace. The need to achieve Peace comes from the First Law of Nature which states “That every man, ought to endeavour Peace, as farre as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek, and use, all helps and advantages of Warre. The first branch of which Rule, containeth the first, and Fundamental Law of Nature; which is, to seek Peace, and follow it” (Chapter 14 Section “The Fundamentall Law of Nature”). However man is in a constant state of warre and requires this is why he requires third party (the Soveraigne) to intervene to achieve peace. This is a difficult balance to achieve because man must relinquish all power to the Soveraigne. The citizens cannot only submit a portion of their power and keep some for themselves. Man desires power and to give all of it up is a difficult task but man must value his survival and peace more than his need for power. Without all of the power of the citizens the Soveraigne cannot conduct his

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