The Sound Of The Title Essay

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The sound of the title is a very familiar sound, like the sound of my father’s keys being tossed on the glass table in the doorway, or my sister’s bubbly laugh. It’s a name that I’ve grown up. Alice and her adventures. To analyze it, Alice is our lense throughout the novel. She trots the trails of wonderland, watching a baby become a big, played croquet with a flamig, and my favorite, puzzling over riddles at a chaotic tea party. These are her adventures. In all honesty, I believe the significance goes beyond the context of the book. This amazing classic was published around the time when Les Miserables and Crime and Punishment were being put out. The nineteenth centuries was the time of Jane Austen, of the Bronte sisters. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is complete nonse, really. The name itself compared to the others stands out like a star. Lewis Carroll’s use of the word wonderland throws the rules out the door. We fail to acknowledge the risks authors take when publish or naming their books, because we do not really know the conditions, and I think that this book is a perfect example of an author who took a risk and published a book with a silly title and, like I said, it a name we all know.
If I had to rename it, I would probably call it The Tale of Wonderland, Plucked from a Far off World. It’s long and not as catching but it is from the poem at the beginning of the book.I combines the lines “Thus grew the tale of wonderland” (6) and “Pluck’d from a far-off land”…

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