Essay about The Sound And The Fury By William Faulkner

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William Faulkner’s novel, The Sound and the Fury, is divided into four sections with four different narrators: Benjy, Quentin, Jason, and the implied author. Benjy, Quentin, and Jason are the male members of a dysfunctional southern family who narrate their stories from first-person narrator-participant point of view through stream of consciousness. Although these characters are somewhat aware of the events that occur in the present, they frequently visit their memories from the past. Faulkner shifts from voice to voice to help the readers see that each of the Compson children hold a different perspective of their family lives and experience their own individual griefs. Once each perspective is revealed, Faulkner allows readers to see how much the sibling actually share. Although Caddy, their sister, is not able to become her own narrator, the Compson boys think about and refer to Caddy frequently. The Compson boys also have to come to terms with the emotional damage that their mother and father left them. In the final section of the novel, the narrative strategy operates through the implied author that is viewed as the personality or the outlook the reader might attribute to the actual author based on the character(s) in the text. Although the implied author operates through a third-person omniscient point of view, the narrative seems to follow Dilsey, the Compsons’ cook, and her actions more closely than any other character. Faulkner does not restrict himself to the view…

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