The Souls Of Black Folks Essays

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W.E.B. Du Bois wrote the Souls of Black Folks in 1903. The book exposed the material causes of racism at the time and explained the effects on black identity. Du Bois wanted to show his readers the strange meaning of being black. He believed at the dawn of the 20th Century that the laws and the society that had prevented blacks from achieving equality in a post-slavery era would continue to pose a problem for black identity (Bulter, 2000). Du Bois argued that this relationship was built on exploitation, domination and essentially a “narrow opportunity” for both the development and progress of people of color. Sadly, it was the color line that maintained the best jobs in the country for white people while denying jobs for people of color (Du Bois, 1900a). To follow is a discussion regarding the relevance of the color line as defined by W.E.B. Du Bois, “The Veil” he believes must be removed for people of color to prosper, and the struggle of the double consciousness that keeps people of color emotionally and economically stuck in America.

Du Bois pointed out that a means of keeping people of color economic disadvantaged was achieved by both laws and private institutions. Businesses and unions refused to allow people of color to have access to their establishments, creating a deeper and deeper divide between the races. The positioning of this same color line would refuse jobs to those on one side of "citizenship" and the border as well. For example, it was not just…

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