The Soul Is Not Ultimate Happiness Essay

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In Article 7, Aquinas discusses the question on whether some good of the soul constitutes man’s happiness. The objections that he is arguing against is that happiness consists in goods of the soul, happiness is in some good of man himself, and happiness belongs to man, but does not belong to body as shown in a previous article and therefore, happiness consists in goods of the soul. Aquinas answers by saying that the thing we try to get and the use is not important if it is material. Since the soul is not ultimate happiness, it cannot be the end of what we are looking for. Anything that belongs to the soul is a external good and none of them can lead to man’s end. What we need for happiness is something outside of the soul. Aquinas then replies to the objections by saying that what makes us happy is something outside of the soul. He then shows us what we need to be happy in the next articles. In Article 8, Aquinas answers the question on whether any created good constitutes man’s happiness. He answers this by saying that it is impossible for a good to bring happiness to man because happiness is perfect. With this, he says that God is what constitutes happiness. In the next question in this article, he answers whether man’s happiness consists in the vision of the divine essence. He responds to this question by stating that happiness does consist in the vision of the Divine Essence. There is nothing else that it could consist in. Man is not perfectly happy on earth, but once…

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