Soteriology And Deontology

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Soteriology is the study of Salvation and all the aspects that make up Salvation. Sin first originated in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3:6. Here Adam and Eve sinned and were thrown out of the garden and separated from God. However, God made a way for them to receive forgiveness and atonement through the sacrificing of animals, Leviticus 23:12. These sacrifices were pointing the way to when Jesus would come and die on the cross and be the ultimate sacrifice to take the sin of the world away. The results of Jesus taking our sins away is found in Romans 6:20. We are free in Christ Jesus.
There are three theories about how Jesus saved us. The Ransom theory says that Adam and Eve sold humanity to Satan when they sinned. God offered Jesus as payment and Satan accepted, but Satan didn’t know that death would not stop Jesus. Justice was satisfied and God freed us. The Satisfaction theory says that human sin was defrauding God of the honor
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(Fritz, 2016) However, the Bible clearly states that we cannot earn our Salvation, but rather it is a freely given gift from God, Romans 3:22, Romans 4:5. While one may have natural tendencies to do the right thing, the act of doing will not save us. Also, we are still all born with a sinful nature, but through God’s doing He can turn our nature to one like His, Romans 8:6. Emotivism says that if my emotions say it is ok than it is ok, (Fritz, 2016). We must continue to strive to follow Jesus even when it doesn’t feel right emotionally, Romans 8:12. Egoism says if it advances my self-interest than it is ok to do it, (Fritz, 2016). We can see clearly from Jesus’ life that this doesn’t line us with how He lived and His nature, Philippians 2:8. We cannot save ourselves, but the through the beautiful redemption of God’s grace He will save us and begin to process of renewing our hearts to become more like

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