The Sorrowful Woman Or The Sympathetic Woman? Essay

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The Sorrowful Woman or The Sympathetic Woman? As a mother the first instinct we have is to take care of our children. We want them to know they are safe and loved. Anyone can agree that the woman in this story is far from that. To be a wife is a big commitment as well. To be able to make someone happy, other than yourself. The woman is a sympathetic character because she faces challenges all women do. When we first started reading this story, like any other we are hoping for a happy ending. A happy ending that will have the mother love her family and herself. That did not happen and as readers we hate story’s that don’t give us a warm and fuzzy feeling. In the beginning the reader learns that, the mother is upset by her family. She dislikes being a mother and a wife. She has a pretty structured life. Her husband is successful and they have no issues with money. She has one child, who seems very independent. She must live in a big house because she talks of her big bedroom. (41) As readers we can notice something is really wrong with her. A personality disorder might be in play. She doesn’t know what person to play. One second she wants to be a mother and the next the boy is an animal that harms her. In the story it is said “One of his little sharp claws ripped her flesh.”(40) He was just playing, being a child at their best and she couldn 't handle it. She over reacted to the situation and she freaked out because she couldn 't control it. The woman has a…

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