The Song - How A Cheer For The Navy Essay example

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The song, How About a Cheer for the Navy by Irving Berlin, portrays democracy because it represents how the media praised The Navy. The lyrics of the song tells listeners and readers that The Navy is strong; the song represents patriotism, strength, and importance of the navy in the second world war. The lyrics of the patriotic song gives the people of America hope that The Navy is strong and will fight for them. The soldiers who sang, “How about a Cheer for the Navy”, believe that William Knox, the secretary of The Navy, deserves as much respect as Henry Stimson, the secretary of War. The song was selected because it shows that navy should have the same credit as the army. This ties to democracy because both the army and the navy has a leader.

In the first quotes, Joseph McCarthy states the people of the United States of America is weak because the government gives the wealthiest people the higher education, higher occupation, and a better residency. This relates to democracy because the people realize that the rich has the better opportunities in life. They want the people in authority to lend a hand to the less fortunate to get the same treatment. This relates to democracy due to the people having a voice to speak out their needs in a crisis. In the second quote, Svetlana Alliluyeva states how her father, Stalin, passes away. This relates to democracy because it depicts how open the Soviet Unions were to its people and how their leader died.

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