The Solution For World Poverty By Peter Singer Essay

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In Peter Singer’s essay, “The Solution to World Poverty”, he attempts to convince the audience, through hypothetical examples and his philosophical background, that much more could be done by individuals to end world poverty. Because Singer’s arguments for saving children’s lives come from a perspective of morality and desire to contribute to the greater good of the world, it is hard to refute. For this reason, I agree with Singer on his perspective that Americans should give more, which I was convinced by through his hypothetical examples of Dora, Bob and the breakdown of incomes and how it could be recirculated to help others in need.
Singer starts with the example of Dora, who was told to bring a boy to a location for $1,000. She does so and only finds out later that the boy is going to be killed and his organs will be sold. In this example, Singer states that it would be immoral to most Americans if Dora did not try to do anything to get the boy back and save him, because she had a direct hand in the loss of his life. Singer states that this is different from the way that Americans feel when they don’t contribute to organizations like UNICEF, because they don’t feel that they are actively contributing to a death. And what is more, he feels that their personal luxury possessions are more important than contributing to potentially save a child’s life. I agree with Singer in that by not doing anything, Americans are in fact doing something. It is because they don’t know or…

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