Essay about The Solution For Privacy Setting

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2. Solution for Privacy Setting in SNSs
2.1 The Problem
As early as 2003, Liben-Nowell & Kleinberg (2003) have pointed out that 36% of the contents of those users are shared with Facebook’s default privacy setting. And it is almost always that the users believe that they share fewer contents in FB than they actually do. As Liu et. al. (2011) also found that there exists a discrepancy between what users expect for their information privacy and what the Social Networking system provides to them. Although privacy settings do exist in Social Networking Services, studies have shown that users still think that they are sharing less information than they actually are on the Internet. This could happen due to three reasons:
a) Users are not aware of the privacy issue until the researcher approached them. Thus they didn’t know that they should set the privacy limitation when they share information. Maybe they took some pictures, and thought “hmmm, they look nice, I should share them with my friends.” But instead, since they did not set the privacy limitation on SNSs, by default, they shared the pictures with the whole world. Of course in this case, users would tell the researchers that they expected that they only shared the pictures with their friends, but in fact, they actually shared them to much more people.
b) Users are aware of the privacy issue, but they simply did not bother to change the privacy settings because they think it is not a big deal to them. In this case,…

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