Essay on The Soledad Brother By George Jackson

1780 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
In the book of the Soledad Brother talked about a guy name George Jackson who went to jail for stealing $70 dollars from a gas station. The Soledad Brother book is kind of emotional because he would say that there were two schools and the school that he didn 't go to was pretty much for white kids they had everything like a playground and the school that he went to didn 't have a playground at all. he got convicted for things he didn 't do with some friends. He escaped because white people thought all black people look the same. I connect with this text because I have seen richer schools that have a better playground and also my uncle was a bad kid and his friends were all in it together to do bad decicions.In pages 40-42 George Jackson has more trust on his father than on his mother because he said that "she would betrayed me as a second time if i allowed it." it means that she failed him to the extent were to teach himself George had more trust on his father because he didn 't sent him to a school were everyone is white he felt like he did not connect with white people i believe that he should of talk more to his mother so that his mother could understand his situation on how he felt but the mother wanted him to have a better education and not fall into drugs, guns, gangs etc. i belief that because my uncle was in a school were their was only black people and a few brown people and they were treated different my uncle and his friends would fight a lot with black people…

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