Essay about The Solar Eclipse Of Thailand

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In 1995, the Total solar eclipse occurs in Thailand that it across the center of Thailand. At that time, I was 9 years and I lived in Chiang Mai where is northern Thailand. Chiang Mai can see the partial solar eclipse. My father heard the phenomena from the news, He brought me to wide place would pear field, I saw partial solar eclipse clearly at noon but I do not know what is it. I felt extremely wondered with this. I cannot explain anything just saw something in the sky block the sun. Thereupon, I am impressed with an astronomy and science. Moreover, I have a chance to go to Doi Inthanon where is the top in Thailand, that day, the sky very dark, clear that it is without cloud. I can see stars more than thousand so it is an impression, it is the beautiful memory. I tried to figure out what is going on? At that time, I had no knowledge of astronomy. I believe that astronomy is the subject which links to give the ultimate understanding of such phenomena.

After graduated my high school in Science and Mathematics, I decided to follow in Physics program. The curriculum of Thailand is different from other countries; we have no bachelor 's degree programs in Astronomy so that a few number of people who want to be astronomer will know what subject they have to enroll. Fortunately, I chose to study physics that one part of the elective subject was fundamental astronomy and Astrophysics. During my graduate, I involved in many activities, such as I set up the telescope for student…

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