Essay about The Sociology Of Sports Sociology

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Sociology is a very important part of our lives because it is the development, structure and functioning of human society. The main focus point of this report is the sociology of sports. Sports sociology is the focus on sports as a social phenomena. It is an area of study concerned with various sociocultural structures, patterns and organizations or groups involved with sports. Unfortunately concepts such as equity, access and equality are difficult to define or understand in the world of sports. There are many complex issues that are up for discussion such as an individual’s or society’s challenge to overcome old discrimination. A framework named after Professor Peter Figueroa is a useful tool in the examination of issues surrounding equity, access and equality in exercise, sports and physical activity. The levels of framework are Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional, Structural and Cultural. The framework initially investigated racism but has become a useful tool for examining other forms of discrimination. This discrimination can be seen through the separation of male sports to female sports, also the level of popularity for male sports can be seen in local news, live games or even through sports related video games. Other types of discriminations are for those with disabilities or those from a different race/culture.

A common and current issue is physical self-rationalization, mainly self-concept, body image and personal beliefs, values and…

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