The Sociological Theories Of Our Family Essay

850 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout this semester as we all collectively learn the sociological theories of our

families that help shape who we are and how we present ourselves as student professionals to

world, it’s now easier than ever to analyze that relationship even further in order to hopefully fix

the problems we may have or have had growing up. To use what we’ve learned this and apply

them proactively in a way that we can answer some of the personal questions we’ve always had,

but couldn’t really dictate them eloquently — like birth order. As a middle child of three from the

Dominican Republic growing up in Brooklyn, I’ve always felt like an outsider alongside my

older sister and younger brother and this research paper sheds light on the sociology behind the

ambiguity of middle children and how I challenge their conclusions.

The first article of my research on the birth order of middle children described the

struggle upbringing in a metaphorical comparison in which I’ve always agreed with being raised:

a never ending race with no trophies, medals, or applause. Alissa writes that middle children are

“in a constant race to stay ahead of the younger siblings and also compete with older siblings for

parental attention”₁. I’ve always believed that me and my older sister were constantly

competitive with each other as she was always academically brilliant, while I’m innately creative

which didn’t carry much weight with my parents who (obviously) valued…

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