The Sociological Point Of View Essay

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Every human being in this world will at experience different types of emotions and feelings during our lifetime. There are many types of emotions and feelings, which we can discuss at many different levels. In my socio-autobiography, my main focus will be focus on the sociological point of view. Our daily life and the social interactions that we have with other people create our emotions and feelings. “Imagine a world without emotions.”(Jack Barbalet, 2006,p.51). In this essay, I will discuss the types of emotions such as foundational emotions and secondary emotions, and how love, gender and family have impact on our feelings and emotions sociologically.

Sociologists nowadays believe that neither biology nor society has the full responsibility for emotions. According to Theodore Kemper, who is a sociologist in the United States, he have identified that there are two types of emotions which is called foundational emotion and secondary emotions. In the foundational emotions, Kemper has identified things such as anger, fear, depression and satisfaction or happiness. In the secondary emotions, Kemper has identified things such as shame, guilt, shame, love, gratitude, pride and also nostalgia as socialized adaptations of the foundational emotions. The foundational emotions are biological and it is common to all human beings.

We all have had experience with one or more foundational emotions some time in our life. At the age of 15, it was my first time on a flight by myself to…

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