Essay about The Sociological Perspectives On Sports

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Sociologists define sport as a set of competitive activities, within a set of established rules, and in which physical performance determines winners and losers. Sports are a huge part of society and athletes in general are people who have been looked up to and admired for centuries. There are many sociological components when it comes to sports and three that sociologists have covered thoroughly are the topics of the sociological perspectives on sports, social influences on how athletes are viewed by others and themselves, and gender differences in sports.
The Perspectives on Sports
According to Cenegage Advantage: Sociology, The three main sports perspective groups are the functionalists, conflict theorists and the symbolic interactionists. Functionalists tend to see the benefits of sports, conflict theorists see the disadvantages of sports, and symbolic interactionists’ perspectives vary because they are based off of their own personal experiences from participating in sports. When it comes to the relationship between sports and society, all three’s views vary. Functionalists believe that sports contribute to society in many ways by motivating young people to strive for greatness, providing an outlets for many to release pent up aggression, and encouraging the over all development of character. Conflict theorists look at sports as a corrupt institution in which the more elite athletes are able to mistreat and exploit the lesser athletes. Social interactionists have a…

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