The Sociological Impact On Society Essays

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Sociological mindfulness is the idea that an individual is “tuned-in to how the social world works” through the understanding and critical analysis of social development and social consequences (Schwalbe 5). This idea goes against social understanding of wester society, and specifically American individualism. I think this course really helped foster by ability to tune into the social world, specifically how the social world helps socialize each individual through institutional factors. For example, how society and institutions have constructed every individuals social reality and consciousness, making no one immune to social barriers. This course has helped me in my ability to think critically about the sociological impacts on society as a result of understanding society’s role in socialization and the creation of internalized norms. One big thing for me is realizing how some aspects of the social world seem innate or natural are actually socially constructed and maintained through socialization. One great example of a recent issue that I was able to look at more sociologically, as a result of this class, were the protests and issues of race that came to the media’s attention throughout this semester. Understanding race from a more sociological standpoint has helped me explain to a majority of my friends how both race is socially constructed, and the institutional inequality that disadvantages some races. With all of the attention on how the African American community was…

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