Essay about The Sociological Imagination : The Promise Of Sociology

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C. Wright Mills broke new ground in the sociological world with his book, The Sociological Imagination: The Promise of Sociology. The book was published in 1959 and discusses the impact of what life was like for women and men living in a 20th century society. In this essay, I will discuss and summarize the ‘Promise’ and give my own ideas and interpretations about his concepts and ideas.

The topic addressed in Mills groundbreaking book, are the impact of change and society on both women and men living in a 20th century society. Mills describes how most women and men incapable of comprehending the immense effects sociological and cultural changes have on their individual lives. “The Promise” explains that ordinary individuals are too caught up in the mundane events of day to day life to possess the quality of mind absolutely necessary to grasp both history and biography how the two share an innate relationship between within a society. Mills argued that this utter lack of understanding and perception directly contributes to a social order that promotes the growth of vast vast bureaucracies. As a result, this places a monumental amount of power in the hands of a small group of elite individuals. Mills details that individuals feel their private lives are series of traps and the more aware they become of these realities, the more trapped they can feel. The life of an individual or the history of a society cannot be understood without understanding both of these concepts,…

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