The Sociological Imagination By C. Wright Mills Essay

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As time passes men believe that there should changes, especially in a social context of our lives. Expectations of change always focus on the capacity to see how sociological situations play role in our lives. On reading the article “The Sociological Imagination” by C. Wright Mills, it is clear that this article had an appeal to overcome how people differ in terms of their places in given social or historical circumstances.
According to C. Wright Mills, what occurs in any one individuals’ life is interconnected with society as a whole. The sociological imagination gives us the capability to comprehend the connection of an individual life story, past or backgrounds along with the understanding of social and ancient influence and the impact society might have on that individual. Mills forces us to examine a person’s life history and the existence and place their findings within the adjoining surroundings in which occasions occur in order to distinguish the whole picture of the society in which the individual lives.
Mills explains that to fully understand the imagination, they have to be able to see the association of individual difficulties and the community concerns. Individuals have personal problems which are problems that are generally felt personally, these are caused by the manifestations or emotional state in an individual life and public issues that affect an assembly of people within society. An individual can become displaced or homeless on our streets due to…

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